I'll bet no-one ever told you that

You Are Genetically Programmed To Live Healthy, Agile and Sharp Minded For At Least 140 Years!

But, fewer than one person in 10,000 knows how.

Bruce Wesley ChenowewthHello, I am Bruce Wesley Chenoweth. Back in March of 1995 I certainly didn’t know how–nor did I particularly care about genetic potential. What I did “know” was that I was dying from what I had been told was an incurable, terminal disease. Learning some abstract theory about potential longevity would have only added to the pain.

But, suddenly, unexpectedly recovering from a terminal disease in the last few days before certain death has a tendency to grab one’s attention …


Up to that point, I thought I knew all I needed to know about how to be healthy. Eat a “balanced” diet–drink plenty of “fluids”–get enough exercise–etc. Based on results, however, it became quite apparent that what I “knew” was either incomplete, or wrong …

… almost “dead wrong!”

Fortunately for me, there are a few people in this world who understand the true nature of health, and what it takes to make a diseased body healthy again. One of these people is my good friend, Dr. Regan Golob.

As I lay dying, Regan happened to be passing near my home on a business trip. Not knowing about my being ill, he stopped in for a friendly visit. Once he realized how severely my health had deteriorated, he flipped out of “visiting friend” mode and into health-restoring doctor mode.

Relying only on the imparting of essential knowledge and recommendations for specific nutritional supplementation, he was able save my life in just one evening. In the three days following, I changed from being in bed for all but infrequent 15-minute periods and being unable to sleep at all–to being up on my feet working 14 hour days, then sleeping soundly through the nights. Over the next few months, the pain, the swelling and all other symptoms just faded away.

To my wife and me, it was an absolute miracle.
To Regan, it was merely the anticipated result of applied knowledge.

You have heard that “Knowledge is POWER!” Nowhere is that expression more appropriate than in the area of natural health. All the money in the world, and the most powerful and prestigious position of authority become meaningless without good health. The knowledge to survive and thrive, therefore, is the most powerful of all knowledge.

The net result of this experience, for me, was to instill a passionate thirst to learn all I could about the true nature of health and what supports it. Although it is really quite simple, there are certain things that must consistently be remembered and applied. Amid the distractions and complexities of life, I tend to “forget.” Something was needed as a reminder.

“How To Restore Your Youngness” is a work-in-progress, being written to me, for me, by me to remind myself to apply what has been proven to restore and support ideal health. So that it could be shared with others, it includes brief, basic explanations and references for anyone who chooses to study further.

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